Process definition

Existing processes, new production tasks or optimization of certain workflows, processes should be described in detail before the corresponding logic can be implemented. Often, the path to a precise process description is already the first step towards optimized production. We would be happy to support you on this path with our experienced experts and help you to describe, optimize and implement your processes efficiently.

Process implementation

Once the processes and requirements have been described, the concept design and subsequent implementation can begin. Whether automated work steps with the help of suitable actuators and sensors, controlled mixing and dosing processes, digital recipes and orders or paperless work instructions, processes can be digitized in various ways. We would be happy to accompany you on your way to Industry 4.0 and help you implement the level of digitization that is most suitable for you.

Process monitoring

Our systems allow you to control and monitor your processes from raw material to end product. Depending on the level of integration, our systems communicate with other control systems, quality systems and/or higher-level ERP or MES systems. Through defined data interfaces, the communication between the individual plant or machine parts is ensured and the data is exchanged as required. The parallel acquisition of relevant production data enables the monitoring of all digitized processes at any time.

Process design

Together with our experienced solution architects, your processes are recorded, reviewed, discussed, optimized and specified according to your requirements. Only with a precise process definition can the basis for further optimization be created. Furthermore, the recording and description of the processes is the basis for every automated workflow.

Interfaces & Systems

Actuators & Sensors

Whether hardwired, via fieldbus or wireless. We integrate your actuators and sensors, handle the relevant signals and use the latest IoT functionalities.

Control systems

Whether OPC, MQTT, Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet or still hard-wired, we connect your production with the suitable fieldbus technology and implement the appropriate interfaces.


We connect your controls, digitalize your processes and communicate with higher-level systems. This allows you to operate and monitor your processes centrally.

Big data

Whether MES, ERP or Cloud. We communicate, operate, collect and register your data as you need it and help create value.

Customized automation systems

For us, customized means automating the customer's processes according to his needs and not adapting the processes to a standard system. That is why we decided years ago to develop our own process control system. Thanks to its modular structure and the use of the latest technologies and software standards, our system is highly flexible, customer-specific and can be used for processes of any kind.  Our PLC software is also written in a common style, so that all our employees know how to work with it and how to support our customers at any time. Thanks to standard modules, expenses for further extensions are minimized and software engineering is optimized. Whether it is a small plant, a machine or a highly complex process, our system is designed for all types of tasks and can be equipped, extended and expanded as required.

Gapless traceability

To ensure transparent product traceability, the process-relevant mechanics and infrastructure must be considered holistically. During the specification phase, the production processes are divided into process and production lines, described and designed to the extent that where complete traceability is possible. Whether product, quantities, allergens, etc. our system allows to register every single action from the process. In order to include also external influences, each operator action is recorded, as well as the status of each actuator and sensor. This allows a continuous traceability of each production step and in return ensures a complete and fully transparent product traceability.

Customer-specific reports

Depending on the system used, more and more data is collected and stored. This allows us to implement and display customer-specific analysis options. Whether production reports, curves and trends or charts, the possibilities are almost unlimited and can be designed and displayed according to customer requirements. Dosages, quantities, products or other values, during the specification phase the relevant data is worked out and displayed in the desired form. Depending on the level of integration, this data can also be forwarded to higher-level ERP systems or maintenance tools for further analysis.

Contact our Experts

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Convince yourself of our references

Line with product traceability

A food manufacturer in Western Europe with several existing production lines, which are controlled by many individual control systems that partially operate autonomously or are complicatedly networked together, wants to install a new production line with product traceability throughout the line. On top of it the following customer specific requirements had to be considered:

  • a conceptual approach for the control of the entire plant and the product traceability
  • other parts of the plant shall be seamlessly integrated later on
  • various interfaces to existing control systems and later on to ERP

Retrofit chocolate production

The control system, which controlled the entire production of the chocolate mass, was installed in 2004 and expanded over the following years. The equipment includes:

  • various raw material intakes
  • various process lines with tank farms and transfer pipes
  • mixing plants with automatic and manual dosing
  • connection of several external machines
  • various interfaces with a total of 15 PLCs
  • a process control system with numerous operator stations
  • SAP connection for production orders and reporting