Careful recruitment

Thanks to competent and carefully selected employees, we are strengthening our team with new know-how and elan.

Continuous training

Through continuous training and personal development, we keep our finger on the technological and technical pulse.

Targeted innovations

We stay on the ball for you and constantly check the latest technologies. Current trends help us to constantly develop ourselves and drive our own innovations.

Highest quality

We guarantee our customers the highest quality and also carry out regular quality controls together with the customers.


With ICS to the desired success

Clean and consistent processes are the prerequisite for automation. Thanks to many years of experience in various industries and intensive customer relationships, ICS Automation AG combines all the necessary skills to help your business move forward.  We would be happy to share our experience with you and support you in developing your own concept for success.

Our services, your choice

Our specialists will assist you in finding solutions and implementing of your projects. Our services include:

  • analysis of the requirements
  • analysis of existing systems
  • development of specifications
  • expert advice
  • implementation-oriented project management
  • coordination with your process and machine suppliers
  • creation of concepts
  • overall responsibility for your automation systems

Our experienced technicians will assist you in planning implementing of control panels. Our hardware services include:

  • hardware engineering
  • creation of hardware concepts
  • selection of control components
  • cooperation with risk and safety analyzes
  • creation of schematics with CAD EPlan P8
  • production monitoring at the panel builder
  • worldwide delivery

The process control and interlocking of the plant as well as the provision of data is done via the PLC software mainly on the Siemens and Allen Bradley platforms. The PLC software is used for:

  • programming of both small as well as large and complex systems
  • networked systems via Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet
  • drive systems (servo motors)
  • interfaces to process control systems and control systems from other parts of the plant
  • Retrofit applications (such as Siemens S5 - S7)

To fully benefit from the system, the use of visualization and operation at the relevant locations within the plant is essential. This ensures that the plant operators have the important information of the plant status and can intervene in the process.

On the Siemens, Wonderware or Allen Bradley platforms you enjoy the following added values with our visualizations:

  • clear display of the process
  • user-friendly process control
  • possibility to log historical data
  • trending of measured values
  • use of touch panel / tablet
  • single-user systems
  • client / server environments
  • language switching
  • operator guidance in case of errors
  • clear alarms and messages

High availability, ease of use and good scalability - thanks to these features the ICS process control system can be used cost effectively and usefully for small as well as for large installations. Its strength lies in the control and monitoring of processes in the field of food and non-food industries.

The system ensures complete lot, respectively batch tracking of all raw materials, intermediate and finished products. It also ensures that all relevant data for ingredients and production are available. With the ICS process control system you have the following functionalities:

  • job management
  • recipe handling
  • management system for parameters, bin data, etc.
  • process and production data processing in real time
  • various data analysis / statistics
  • product / batch tracing
  • customer-specific reports
  • interface to the ERP system

To minimize interruptions to production, it is our goal to achieve the start up of your new or modified control system smoothly and as quickly as possible. We take the following steps:

  • hardware modifications
  • configuration of hardware components
  • input / output test
  • testing of the safety systems
  • dry running and starting production
  • process optimization and production support

For this, reliable electrical installations form the basis. Our highly trained professionals will take care of:

  • engineering for the electrical installation of machines
  • implementation and monitoring of electrical installations
  • perform electrical tests
  • creation of test protocols

Even after the commissioning, your system is in the best hands with us. We support you with:

  • customer training at ICS or at your location
  • 24 / 7 support
  • remote diagnostics / remote support via VPN
  • documentation
  • modifications / extensions to the systems
  • retrofits
  • on-site troubleshooting

Our competences, your advantages

Thanks to our expertise in process design, you benefit from:

  • optimized process flows
  • process control from raw material to end product
  • automation systems
  • transparent product tracking
  • customer-specific reports
  • minimized interruptions to operations

Complete traceability means for us:

  • production data is available anytime and anywhere
  • quick overview of what ingredients were used in what quantity
  • product traceability throughout the plant, from the goods intake to the finished products
  • rapid and targeted product recall, if necessary
  • audit trail and tracing of the entire operating history
  • recording of sensor and actuator data

Thanks to the proper motion-technology, you will benefit from:

  • efficient load of your drive
  • monitoring and display of the drive values
  • suitable solution for your control applications
  • high and reproducible accuracy
  • high throughput
  • gentle handling of the product

Get your control system refurbished by us and benefit from:

  • safe and reliable production
  • facility that complies with current safety regulations
  • cost-effective and scalable solutions
  • minimal interruptions to operation

We ensure that your interfaces function smoothly.

  • integration into the enterprise
  • data consistency / transparent data management
  • connection to external systems
  • provision of data to higher-level systems
  • integration and display of facility automation
  • connection of alarm systems

Prior to the commissioning, we test your control software through its paces. The digital image of the plant enables us to:

  • complete process and plant simulation on a virtual test environment
  • rigorous testing of the software in order to ensure an efficient commissioning
  • pre-acceptance test by the customer
  • access to an image of the plant in order to efficiently prepare expansions and additions
  • test runs with live data (e.g. SAP)
  • simulation environment for education and training of customer employees

We can also offer you:

  • HVAC controls
  • CIP systems
  • aseptic processes for the food industry
  • weighing, dosing and mixing
  • virtual environments
  • UL design
  • languages en, de, it, fr, es
Desired success - thanks to systematic approach
  • analysis of the current situation (product flows, process sequences, existing control systems and their interfaces, etc.)
  • determination of the target, especially for product tracking (which data must be recorded and displayed where)
  • project plan for phased implementation
  • concept design for the control of the entire plant
  • concept design for product tracking in the entire plant
  • specification work for the new control system
  • software implementation
  • In-house test with pre-acceptance test
  • commissioning, including process optimization, customer training and acceptance
  • Step-by-step implementation of further phases
  • 24/7 support
Added value - thanks to customized solutions
  • phased integration of existing and new components in a future-oriented concept
  • minimal initial investment thanks to modular design
  • reliable production
  • easy operation
  • production data
  • production reports
  • product tracking and audit trail
  • process control system with optimized full text search
  • machine and process data for plant maintenance
  • customer-support over several years by the same partner

Quality is our promise

Quality is a matter of course for us. This is ensured by:

  • collecting and understanding the customer requirements
  • structured approach
  • use of engineering standards
  • thorough testing of the software
  •  pre-acceptance tests by the customer
  • support along the entire life cycle

Request advice

If you would like a personal advice, our team of advisors will be happy to assist you.


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