Your automation processes - simulated at ICS

Downtimes, installation times or problems must be avoided as far as possible in every production process. For this purpose, ICS Automation AG uses the approach of a digital twin and simulates each customer plant in-house 1:1. The customer processes are replicated as far as possible in a simulation environment in order to obtain the most realistic test conditions with the most up-to-date data possible. This allows processes to be simulated properly, changes and extensions to be tested, and interfaces to be checked in order to be optimally prepared for commissioning. In addition to optimized commissioning preparation, the simulation environment is also used for reproducing errors and problems, for testing of expansions or for training of operators. Thanks to the image on a simulated environment, any scenario can be run through without any influence on production. And in case of data loss at the customer's site, we can help you get back to production as quickly as possible.

  • simulation of the entire production process
  • simulation of any element
  • process simulation incl. recipe and job handling
  • 1:1 image of the operating possibilities incl. user administration 
  • test possibilities for interfaces, reports, recipes, etc.
  • possibility for pre-acceptance test by customer
  • test and training environment for operators
  • extended support options

In-house test - the basis of successful commissioning

Production reliability and short downtimes are the goal of every project. That is why we test your control software extensively before every commissioning. This is done, among other things, by means of:

  • defined test scenarios according to the test plan
  • plant simulation on a virtual test environment
  • hardware test before integration of new devices
  • interface test to higher-level systems or external systems
  • rigorous testing of the software to ensure efficient commissioning
  • pre-acceptance by the customer



The correct preparation is the basis for every commissioning. Our specialists are therefore available to take on extended planning tasks to coordinate the individual preparation work, organize the necessary materials and equipment for the conversion, and provide advice throughout the entire phase.

Installation supervision

During the installation and construction phase, various parties are often involved, resulting in interfaces and dependencies. Our experience has shown that an expert on site increases installation quality and significantly improves the efficiency of installation. This increases the chance of on-time and trouble-free commissioning. Together with ICS Mechanical AG, we offer electrical as well as mechanical installation supervision to support you accordingly during this phase.


Competent partners

Are you looking for a competent installation company to carry out the electrical installation on site? We will be happy to advise you on the selection of installation specialists or to take over this task completely for you. Thanks to frequent installations, we are well networked worldwide and have access to competent partners.


After the installation, all components are checked by our specialists:

  • installation inspections and test measurements
  • hardware adjustments
  • configuration of hardware components
  • IO-Test of all elements
  • rotation and motor tests
  • calibration of electrical equipment such as scales, sensors, etc.
  • configuration of the motion and drive equipment
  • interface test to external systems

Safety PLCs must also be rigorously tested and protocolled:

  • visual test of safety-relevant components
  • function test according to test plan
  • acceptance test together with customer
  • measurement and test report
  • safety acceptance report

When the system is set up, the test procedure follows:

  • dry run of the individual elements
  • component test with test product
  • determination of start-up scenarios
  • check of interlocks
  • production test with test product
  • start of production
  • process optimizations
  • documentation / qualification

Commissioning ends with the successful change to production:

  • iterative process optimization
  • production support in multi-shift operation
  • test runs & customer acceptance test
  • performance and efficiency test 
  • operator training

Service and Support

A long-term customer relationship is our primary goal, which is why we support our customers at all times, even after the project phase. Even outside normal office hours, a team of experts is available by phone to support our customers in the event of disruptions to guide operators remotely and to bring the plant back into production as quickly as possible.

  • available 24/7: our support team consists of experienced project engineers
  • maintainability thanks to standardization: thanks to a uniform software structure, your system is easy to maintain
  • various types of access: we assist you in selecting and setting up your remote access
  • transparent and traceable: software or process adjustments are protocolled and recorded
  • digital twin: Complex error scenarios are simulated so as not to impact production
  • customer software history: we know every software status and can upgrade specific software modules

Ensure your operation with competent support.

Our experts are there for you around the clock and support you with their know-how to ensure operation. Feel free to contact us if you would like us to advise and support you on the topics of maintenance, retrofit, service and support or equipment replacement.


Roger Wigert

+41 71 955 04 60