Process control for dairy plants

Facts & Figures

  • Bischofszell, TG

  • Industrial dairy

  • > 3'000 valves

  • > 20 Jahre

  • Pasteur- & CIP-processes

Process control in milk processing

The company Molkerei Biedermann AG from Bischofszell is one of the first customers of ICS Automation AG. Thanks to the long-term partnership, the various projects can be implemented efficiently and without major downtimes. We ensure this efficiency by means of a digital twin, which allows us to rigorously test any adjustments prior to commissioning. This means that changes can often be implemented directly in the production system without having to stop the plants. The short distance between us and the customer also means that adjustments can be run through and checked on the test system together with the customer. This significantly minimizes the risk to interrupt production. The key attributes of this intensive partnership are:

  • direct communication channels between MBB and ICS employees
  • permanent exchange between the responsible people
  • longtime plant and process knowledge
  • knowledge & working in a complex infrastructure (>3000 valves)
  • special processes for mixing, CIP, cleaning, etc.
  • test environment / digital twin with simulated image of the plant
  • usually no classical commissioning, installation during running operation
  • service and support (24/7)

Project description

Molkerei Biedermann was equipped with a process control system from ICS Automation AG several years ago and has since grown year by year. Modifications, expansions as well as the automation of new plant sections always pose new challenges to the systems used. However, by implementing customer-specific processes and a tailor-made process control system, it is possible to control the different production processes accordingly and to ensure the necessary traceability. Some special features are e.g.:

  • traceability through all processes
  • control of pasteurizing systems
  • CIP system with freely definable cleaning steps and step recipes
  • production processes for milk, cream, yoghurt etc.
  • various PID-controls (pressure, temperature, conductivity, etc.)
  • product characteristics for allergens, etc.
  • integration of several tank farms
  • truck unloading and loading
  • various interfaces to external systems
  • integration of facility equipment and heating systems
  • data recording and customer-specific reporting


  • digitization of a wide variety of production processes
  • flexible control system for production and cleaning
  • state-of-the-art control technology (valve terminals, safety, etc.)
  • traceability of production
  • traceability of the cleaning steps
  • minimum downtimes during commissioning
  • high plant efficiency
  • MES / ERP interfaces
  • availability 24/7

Scope of supply

  • 24/7 support by experienced ICS employees
  • direct communication with maintenance and electrics
  • long term customer knowhow
  • hardware engineering
  • efficient thanks to a digital twin
  • consulting and concepts for production and IT
  • maintenance and support of the control systems (24/7)
  • ICS process control system with various specialities
  • various special processes with reports

Hardware & control

  • process control on Siemens S7-400
  • connection of various Siemens S7-300
  • decentralized periphery with ET200S, ET200B & ET200SP
  • profibus network with >30 VKs
  • profinet network with >30 participants and partners
  • integration of >3000 valves
  • valve terminals with bus connection (mostly Bürkert)
  • ICS process control system
  • process visualization with Siemens WinCC V7
  • operator stations with Siemens touch panel

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